PermissionsManager V.0.1.1



Permissions Manager is a GUI manager for player and group permissions.

  • Allows assignment of player permissions.
  • Allows assignment of group permissions.
  • Allows one-click removal of all players from a group.(group page - "Remove All")
  • Allows adding/removing a player from groups.

Supports unlimited plugins/permissions/groups

  • Up to 60 plugins per-page.
  • Up to 40 permissions per-page.
  • Up to 40 user groups per-page


permissionsmanager.allowed - Allows players to use GUI, if 'RequiresPermission' is true.
Plugin can be used with this permission, or by any Admin : Auth Level 2.

Chat commands.
  • /perms player <playername>
  • /perms group <groupname>

  • Chat - Title colour
  • Chat - Message colour
  • GUI - Label colour
  • GUI - On colour
  • GUI - Off colour
  • GUI - AllPerPage - Sets All/None option to per-page, or per plugin.
  • Options - GUI Transparency 0-1
  • Options - Plugin BlockList – ex. "playerranks,botspawn"

Block list must be lower case, comma separated, no spaces, and no final comma, as above.


Q: I'm trying to revoke permission(Y) for a player, but nothing is happening.
A: The player is in a group(X) which is also granted permission(Y).

Solution: Revoke permission (Y) from group(X) or remove the player from group(X).

Q: I removed a player from group(X), but they still have permission(Y).
A: This is the opposite of the above. This player must have been independently granted permission(Y) at some time.

Solution: Revoke permission(Y) from the player.