PlayerRanks V.1.4.7



GUI with personal stats, leaderboard, and per-category stats.
Server-wide top-list per category can be advertised on a timer.

Optional dependencies -


playerranks.use - Allows players to use GUI, if 'RequiresPermission' is true.
playerranks.admin - Allows admin UI and command access..
By default, stats for admins are NOT publicised.

Chat commands.
Player commands.
  • /pr - Save the database
Admin commands.
  • /pr save - Save the database
  • /pr wipe - Wipe the database
  • /pr del - Remove all stats for that player's steamID
  • /pr wipecategory <categoryname> - Remove all of user stats for that category

Note: You will need to edit data/BotSpawn.json and set AutoSpawn: "true", as well as any other customisations.

Console commands.
  • - Save the database
  • playerranks.wipe - Wipe the database

General options.
  • blockEvents – Toggle EventManager contributing to ranks.
  • useClans – Toggle clan-member kills contributing to ranks.
  • useFriendsAPI – Toggle friend kills contributing to ranks.
  • useRustIO - Toggle friend kills contributing to ranks.
  • allowadmin - Toggle admin stats in public displays.
  • chatCommandAlias.
  • useTimedTopList – Toggle public broadcast rotation.
  • TimedTopListAmount
  • TimedTopListTimer
  • TimedTopListSize - Font size for chat output.
  • TimedTopListNumbered - Adds ordered numbering to chat output (1st,2nd,etc).
  • saveTimer
  • statCollection - Toggle On/Off
  • lastLoginLimit - in days.Deletes data for users who haven't logged in since X days ago. Value of 0 means disabled.
  • RequiresPermission - Makes user /pr access by 'playerranks.use' permission only.
  • useIntenseOptions – Enable/disable.Toggle gathering of information, and displays, relating to:
  • StructuresBuilt ItemsDeployed ItemsCrafted EntitiesRepaired StructuresDemolished Resources Gathered

fontColor1/2/3 – Three options available, for title, message, and category.(Will rename soon)
guitransparency - 0.0 - 1.0
Chat Command Alias - Default is "ranks". Change it to whatever you want.


There is a true/false for every category.
These can be set via GUI, and prevent data for that category being displayed in-game.

SQL - optional.
  • Database Name
  • Host
  • Password
  • Port
  • Username
  • tablename - Main data table name that PR will create.
  • LBtableName - Leaderboards table name that PR will create.
  • Use MySQL - true/false
  • autoWipe - true/false (wipes SQL with main database)

The SQL database will be created on the first save, whether automatic or manually with command /pr save.

Category List.
  • PVPKills
  • PVPDistance
  • PVEKills
  • PVEDistance
  • NPCKills
  • NPCDistance
  • Sleepers Killed
  • HeadShots
  • Deaths
  • Suicides
  • KDR (kill to death ratio)
  • SDR (suicide to death ratio)
  • SkullsCrushed
  • TimesWounded
  • TimesHealed
  • HeliHits
  • HeliKills
  • APC Hits
  • APCKills
  • BarrelsDestroyed
  • Explosives Thrown
  • Arrows Fired
  • Bullets Fired
  • Rockets Launched
  • WeaponTrapsDestroyed
  • Drops looted
  • Structures Built
  • Structures Demolished
  • Items Deployed
  • Items crafted
  • Entities Repaired
  • Resources Gathered
  • Structures Upgraded
  • blockEvents – Toggle EventManager contributing to ranks.
MySQL Only.
  • Economics**
  • PlayTime** (DD:HH:MM:SS)
  • Online/Offline Status**
  • ActiveDate - Player's last login date.

** - These options are reported by Player Ranks, but not incremented or maintained by Player Ranks.
Resetting Player Ranks database will not set these entires to zero, as they are read from elsewhere.
Wipe Playtime Tracker data and/or Economics data to set these to zero.

Key Binds.

Personal stats and leader board can be bound to toggle as follows, using H J as examples:
bind h callPersonalStatsUI
bind j callLeaderBoardUI

  • Data for banned players is automatically removed.
  • Heli Kills are attributed to the player who hit the heli the most - not the last hitter.
  • If a player dies from his wounds, the person who wounded him gets the PVP kill.
  • PvP distance is recorded based on the wounding shot.