Unreleased Rust Plugins

GuardBots V1

Companion or ally NPC.
Perfect VIP-Perk addition to solo/duo servers.

  • Four behaviour modes.
  • Three task modes.
  • Smart weapon switching.
  • Use of all lighting types.
  • Use of chairs when guarding.
  • Smart healing, using syringes.
  • Looting and farming.
  • Managing inventory - Best items.
  • Customisable names.

NPCLoot V1

Full loot-table control for all HTN / NPC player types.
Tables can also be made for each BotSpawn profile.

  • Category probability.
  • Item probability.
  • Limitless loot-tables.
  • User-selected table per bot-type.
  • Bot-types include all Rust defaults.
  • Optional BotSpawn (global/per-profile).
  • Editable blacklist per loot table.
  • Item list auto-updates to match game content.

BotSpawn V2

  • Auto detection of new monuments.
  • Custom day/night population per profile.
  • More efficient, using FP spawn-handler.
  • Custom location profiles.
  • Auto-relocation of custom profiles at wipe.
  • Full customisation of NPCMurderers / Scientists.
  • New profiles for all in-game npcs.
  • Custom health, accuracy, damage, names, etc.

PlayerRanks V2

More options and greater control than V1.
More detailed, customisable, tables, clan support, efficient SQL saving, and more!

  • 35 categories.
  • MySQL - Much improved performance.
  • More detailed tables, with category sort.
  • Full Clans support.
  • Leaderboard snap-shots.

PermissionsManager V2

Overhauled with ease-of use in mind.

  • Full CUI control - No manual name typing.
  • Button toggle permissions per player.
  • Button toggle permissions per group.
  • View players in a group.
  • Remove all players from a group.
  • Toggle all permissions in one click.
  • Coloured indicater for group-inherited perms.