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Bot Spawn

Spawns set numbers of Rust scientists and murderers.
near server monuments, or custon locations.

  • Generates random spawn points.
  • Build in custom spawn point management, per-profile..
  • Automatically give npcs kits.
  • Set custom npc names, clantags, health, damage, and accuracy.
  • Smart use of weapons at various ranges.
  • Smart use of torches and flashlights.
  • Option to parachute in on-spawn.
  • Peacekeeper and agression range options.
  • Wipe corpse belt/clothing percentage options.
  • Customisable spawn radius.
  • Multiple dataset feature, allowing easy switches between maps.

Custom Loot

Replaces NPCLoot.cs
Add customised loot to all types of NPC corpse/containers/barrels.
Choose from unlimited custom loot tables.

  • Config entries for all corpses, containers, and barrels.
  • Probability control per category, and per item.
  • Blacklist to block items by name.
  • Disable Christmas/Halloween/Keycards.
  • Probability control for blueprint spawning, per item.
  • Min/Max quantity control per item.
  • Global option for max no of blueprints.

Permissions Manager

GUI admin tool for managing player and group permissions

  • Up to 60 plugins listed per-page.
  • Up to 40 permissions listed per-page.
  • Up to 40 user groups listed per-page.
  • One-click removal of all players from a group.
  • One-click grant/revoke all, per plugin.

Player Ranks

GUI with personal stats, leaderboards, and per-category stats.
Server-wide top-list per category can be advertised on a timer.

  • Records over 30 statistics per-player.
  • Saves to local data file and optional MySql.
  • All tables can be viewed by player stats, or by clan stats.
  • Save leaderboard (top 1) snapshots with one click.
  • Auto removes data for banned users.
  • Advertises top X per category in chat.



Give kits to all Rust default npcs,
with settings per npc type.

  • Control weapon drop on-death - % chance.
  • Control wiping of belt/main/attire on-death - % chance.
  • Control dropped-weapon condition and magazine contents.

Info Screens

Easy-setup plugin for server InfoScreens,
with mulitpage/nav and multi sub-page options.

  • Dynamically created top, or side, navigation.
  • Automatic next/previous buttons and sub-pages.
  • Easy alignment using 'top' 'middle' 'bottom' etc.
  • Unlimited elements per page, for advanced customisation.